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I first met my new staff whilst I was in the Cat’s Protection League. I'd been abandoned by my previous owners. (It might have been due to the fact that I was pregnant.) I had interviewed several candidates to be my new staff, and after a long time choosing, I decided to employ my current staff.

After all, they did appear the biggest push-overs and seemed to ignore my baldness and lack of teef! Over the years (5 of them now) we have been through the highs (generally them having the privilege of living with a cat as fabulous as me) and the lows (my allergies and the occasional refusal to eat what I consider to be ‘inferior food’.)

I could never be described as a ‘hunter gatherer’ or um.....‘active’, more a professional sleeper and shedder. I can normally be found asleep in the sink or decorating ‘hudad’s’ car, except when humum was on crutches when I could be found asleep on the stairs! 

My tip for other cats:

Rule your house with an iron paw, and always stay five steps ahead of the humans. It's the only way!

About 2 years ago I discovered twitter. It was there that I met my pal Pie. He was my first ‘anipal’ and I knew straight away he thought I was ‘great’, even if he does deny it. I also met my boyfriend Lenny ( @Lennys_staff ) and I have made many friends. I still have my issues related to my past, but we cope. 
We will never know my true age, a lady never tells you know, but however old I may be, I am in my forever home.

PS my butt is nothing like a spacehopper - but Pie does have a badger butt!

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