Pie    TOP CAT PDSA Pet Fit Club

He started to get fatter after he was neutered. He also has slight hip dysplasia (abnormal formation of his hip sockets). This makes him reluctant to jump or play like normal cats. The more he put on weight, the less he wanted to exercise.

He was once so big - he got stuck under a fence. At that time, he was carrying 87% excess weight.

He’d been a yoyo dieter all his life and needed help.

In November 2010, he was nominated for the PDSA Pet Fit club competition
by his owner Brenda.

After six months on a special reducing diet, regular weigh-ins and support from his pals on Twitter he successfully re-invented himself - he’s a lot slimmer now.

Grateful for the supervision and support from the PDSA Pet Fit club pals - he lost over 2kgs and it’s stayed off.

Four tiny kittens were born under a hedge in Haslington, Cheshire during the storms of October 2000. All of them were rescued. Along with his sister Pudding, Pie was adopted at Christmas time.

Pie, who was named after a Mince pie, has a slim sister called Pudding (full name - Christmas Pudding).

She often leaves uneaten food lying around.


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A most useful and recent accessory to our household, since my vast weight loss is my  SureFlap cat flap!

It stops me eating my sister’s food
as well as my own!

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