The Stag and Hen do


The driving force to get the party started! Screeching to a halt, she almost forgets to pick up the rest of the girls

Feral Tom (Best Tom)

My best mate Tommo delivering his own special ‘Old Feral Tom’ ale!

Cool chics on their Hen night supping Meowgaritas!

Clover, Lily (the bride) Pudding, Nutmeg, DevonScootle.

Lydia_Kitteh's pole cat dancing has the lads transfixed.

Goblin, Pie, Feral Tom and Tarmac.

Pudding - (Pie’s sister) disapproves

She shows her disgust at the behaviour in the boys’ bar.

Lily gives a heart-felt rendition

of Karaoke favourite: "I WILL SURVIVE".

Tommo relaxs with a catnip cigar after cuddling his beloved 'Cloverkins'

... in the girls’ bar next door.

DevonScootle and her infamous white stilettos...

a little worse for wear.

TOMMO! *hic* I love ya Tom

You’re my beshht mate, y’ know that? I just don’t want to wake up with “No Fleas on me” Tattoo’ed across my chest.

The bar was drunk dry

All the best the nip ran out and the cats disappeared to sing on the rooftops.

FeralTomStagInviteA fun time was had